WOD 17/6/15

I did a part out of the competition plan from CrossFit Rhein am Neckar website (http://www.crossfit-rhein-neckar.de/category/wod/) before the rgular wod:
– (squat) clean and jerk and clean pull

1) C&J 2×3 of 55%/60%/65% (38kg,42kg,45kg)
I focused on technique and speed
2) Clean Pull 2×5 65%/70%/75% (45kg/47kg/51kg)

For both movements I used my new one rep max C&J goal.

Afterwards I did some strict MU and pull ups but there was not a lot of time…

1x du ladder
3x 15m bearcrawl
10 scapula pull ups
5 plank to push up each arm
3x 1min plank
30 sec side plank each side

Shoulder Press (1×2)
take 15min to work up to a heavy set of 2 43kg (bad form)
and finish with
3×7 @60% 27.5

Kettlebell Row (1×2)
12 – 2 each arm 20/20/24/24/28/32kg
*rest 1min between sets

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
in teams of 2 for max reps

emom 20
I. box jump – partner holds deep squat kb 24/16
II. swings 24/16 – partner holds handstand
III. air squat – partner holds L-sit
IV. kb push press 24/16 – partner holds dead hang
V. t2b – partner holds kb in frontrack 24/16
RX 562 reps

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