Berlin CrossFit Girls WOD 21/6/15

This weekend one of the fittest CrossFit girls in Berlin invited other strong and ambitious girls to train and workout together. We met at CrossFit Aorta and followed a training plan she wrote for all of us. Exhausting and Awesome…

a) emom 12
1) 6-12 strict toes to bar
(I did 10 the first round and 8 all the remaining ones)
2) 40 sec Handstand Hold

b) practice HSPU
I did some strict ones, even deficit and tried two free HSPU

c) Backsquat
find a heavy five rep max, I finished with 80 kg but could have gone higher

d) walking frontrack lunges 8×10

e) WOD
– three parts

3 rds
400m run
15 burpee box jumps
12 pull ups

8 rounds
3 power snatch 40kg
9 wall balls 9kg

then amrap Nate

2 MU
10 KB swing 24kg

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