Last Wod before my holidays… 22/7/15

7am class – definetely not my fav time… :O
3x 30sec su
10 sec du
squat routine
7 squats
5 ring rows
3 push ups
ankle routine
7 squats
5 ring rows
3 push ups

Basic Strength
Back Squat (7×5)
2×7 35/45
3×5 55/60
7×5 @75% 80kg
1×10 @55% 55kg
*rest 1,5-2min between sets

Metcon (No Measure)
15sec hold ring support
15sec rest
15sec hold chin over bar
15sec rest
-2min rest-
40sec work, 20 sec rest
chinese abs
push ups
leg raises
du/handstand hold

Not my perfect day… WOD 21/7/15

12 am class today. I was a bit upset about my performance during the wod. I hope my bad result is because of the hard wod from yesterday… I did not finish within the timecap. I actually finished the 40 OHs before the 20 minutes were over, I decided to finish the wod anyways with the 800m run.

My toes to bars did not feel that good, also the 40 push ups were hard. When I started the push press, the 35kg felt horrible heavy. I did sets of 5 or 4, which is not that much, so lost time here and the OHS were also bad. I could not hang on the bar for more then three or four reps. I kinda got really aggressive in between them. My arms hurt and I had to put down the bar too often… Damn it!!!! I have to work on unbroken sets of movements with the barbell. I needed a couple of minutes to come down, I was really sweaty and tired but after some rest time I could go “back to work”…

3min run
3min 10 swings
8 ring rows
6 squats
4 pass through
2 squat jumps

5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 ohs
5 snatch balance
5 snatch

Snatch (1×2)
2×5 25/30
2×3 35×2
4×2 37.5×2 40 42.5 (I missed the last rep on the ground but it felt fine)
*don’t exceed 85%
*rest 1,5-2min

Metcon (Time)
for time
800m run
40 t2b
40 push ups
40 push press 45/35
40 ohs 45/35
800m run
(20min timecap) RX

Split Jerk (Rhein am Neckar)
4/4×2/4×2/4 42kg/45kg/49Kg/52kg

Front Squat
6/6×2/6×2/6 63kg/68kg/73kg

10×5 strict pull up

a bit muscle up skill work

FUN part:
bar biceps curls… 15kg bar
20/15/and then a couple of negatives…

Monday 20/7/25 new cycle

Sunday was rest day. I spent the day at home with my family. ate cheese cake, went for a walk and just enjoyed family time. I went back to Berlin on Monday morning, to teach CrossFit Kids and get back to training.

Open Gym
Clean Pull
4/2×4/2×4/4 60-75% of aiming goal

strict muscle up
5 unbroken 🙂 PR

little skill work
handstand wals, bar muscle up

2x 300m run
10 russian kb swings

12 frontrack lunges
10 good morning
8 front squats
6 deadlift

Deadlift (7×5)
7×5 @75% 90kg
1×10 @55% 65kg
*rest 1,5-2min between sets (too short on time, could rest for only about 1.00-1:30min)

Metcon (No Measure)
3x not for time
10 one legged bridge ups each leg
15 hollow rock
1min work on kip for t2b or pull up

Metcon (Time)
amrap 13
150 du
50 mountain climber
40 burpees
30 t2b
20 ring dips
T2B were not that good, I started with 7 or 8 but then had to break them down in sets of 3 or 2, singles and no kip at the end anymore, but my hands also hurt :/
RD were also bad, started with 4, then did sets of 1-2 😦

I finished around 8:50 to 9 sth did not look on the watch
amrap hspu – 30
100 sit ups

First CrossFit Icke Box Competition “Icke wills wissen” Saturday 18/715

The day started at 8(!!!!!) am with a briefing, of course I came too late. 😉 There were two categories: fun and RX division, nine teams per division. O did the RX version. Each team was a man and a woman. I worked out with a really nice guy from our box, we normally train at 5pm together. He is strong, is able to do lots of skills, his weakness is endurance and cardio and because of mobility issues he can’t do pistols. My weakness is more the olympic weightlifting, so during wods I am pretty fine and strong. I knew from the beginning we won’t win because there was one team, friends of mine, who were strong in all areas: endurance and weights, and skills.There were four wods within one day, not announced before head:

15.1 IWW in teams of 2 (1 works, 1 rests)
amrap 18
120 wall balls 20/14
100 swings 24/16
80cal row
60 toes to bar
40 OH squats 35/25
20 burpee box over
amrap chest to bar/ pull ups

IWW 15.2
clean ladder
in teams of 2
each partner has 45sec time for the lift, 15sec transition time

men: I can’t remember the starting weights but the last on was 120kg. My partner was the only one who made it through the whole ladder!!!!!! NICE

women: 40 – 45 – 50 – 55 – 60 – 65 – 70 – 75 – 80
*buy in for every lift: partner does 5 burpees over the bar
*tiebreaker: deadlifts

IWW 15.3 (AMRAP – Reps)
1 works, 1 rests
amrap 4
8m shuttle sprint

IWW 15.4 A – Fun (AMRAP – Reps)
amrap 3
double under
*partner holds dead hang
– 30sec rest –

amrap 3
hang power snatch ?/35
*partner holds bar overhead ?/35
– 30sec rest –

amrap 3
*partner holds dead hang
– 30sec rest –

amrap 3
shoulder to overhead ?/40
*partner holds bar overhead ?/40

We finished up 2nd, lol, as I said… The cardio part was a bit easier for me, I could breath longer and hold on to the bar. Sometimes we had to stop because my partner was a bit tired, which was totally fine we still finished up second. The pistols were only my job, my left knee hurt a bit but during the three 3 minutes it felt fine. Poor L. had to hang on the bar all the time… 😉

I pr’ed my clean… 🙂 There is even a video that show it… 🙂

Friday 18/7/15

I came to the 12pm class which is really awesome, so I could do some training afterwards before teaching the kids… I also went for dinner with a friend, so there was actuall a bit more evening free time…

15m bear crawl
10 swings

20 jumping jacks
5 squats
squat routine
3 squat jumps
3 jumping lunges

Basic Strength
Breathing Squat (5×5)
Deep breath in the bottom position
work up to a heavy set of 5
I finished up with 80kg

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)
e2:30mom 15
I. row 500m
II. rest
1:47/1:52/1:58 total 5:37min

The last part was Sally but because of tomorrows box competition and my own training afterwards, I skipped it

OHS (Rhein am Neckar)
2×5 65%/70%/75% aiming goal weight
strict press
4×3 38kg

strict pull ups