Day 2 testing week… Back squat and bar muscle up wod 7/7/15

3min run
3min row
squat routine
10 squats
8 dl w/ barbell
6 good mornings w/ barbell
4 front rack lunges w/ barbell

Basic Strength
test either back squat OR deadlift. you decide.
take 20min to find 1RM
*take 5-7 sets to warm up
I did back squat today and finished 105kg PR 🙂

Metcon (Time)
21 thruster 40/30
9 bar muscle ups
15 thruster 50/35
15 c2b pull ups
9 thruster 60/40
21 pull ups
(15min timecap)
OH YEAHHHHHH RXXXXX!!!!!! Bar Muscle Up…. 10:57, so proud

5min row or 5min run

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