Friday 18/7/15

I came to the 12pm class which is really awesome, so I could do some training afterwards before teaching the kids… I also went for dinner with a friend, so there was actuall a bit more evening free time…

15m bear crawl
10 swings

20 jumping jacks
5 squats
squat routine
3 squat jumps
3 jumping lunges

Basic Strength
Breathing Squat (5×5)
Deep breath in the bottom position
work up to a heavy set of 5
I finished up with 80kg

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)
e2:30mom 15
I. row 500m
II. rest
1:47/1:52/1:58 total 5:37min

The last part was Sally but because of tomorrows box competition and my own training afterwards, I skipped it

OHS (Rhein am Neckar)
2×5 65%/70%/75% aiming goal weight
strict press
4×3 38kg

strict pull ups

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