Partner WOD and Icke Celebration

This Saturday was a bit special because our box celebrated its first birthday. So there were no regular classes. Instead it was partner box day. i went to the 12pm class and did the class with own of my friends. It was fun because there was another “pair” we could compete with – we are kinda of similar, just my strengths is more endurance and gymnastic and the other girl is strong in lifts and weightlifting. Luckily for me, it was pure endurance… 😉

300m partner barbell walk
600m run
300m partner barbell walk

Metcon (Time)
for time
in teams of 2
one works, one rests
800m run
70 swings
60 sit ups
50 mountain climber
40 wall balls
300m buddy carry
20 burpee box over
100m buddy carry
20 burpee box over
300m buddy carry
40 wall balls
50 mountain climber
60 sit ups
70 swings
800m run

We needed 26:22 in total but in both of our teams the guy had to do all the buddy carrying…, where they passed us. Haha, but we caught them during the last round of the 800 m run. Actually the buddy carry was for me no rest at all, it kinda hurt and I had to make my body tight no to fall down. :/

Before we celebrated I did bench press, OHS and with my wod competitors some gymnastic… 😉 Fun Day

bench press
10×2 50kg

OHS heavy 3
3×3 51kg

E2MOM 10
3 weighted pull ups (1,25/2,5/5/5/5)
3 weighted dips (1,25/2,5/2.5/-/-)
Actually I am not sure if we did 6 rounds. My right shoulder hurt (still does a bit) and I decided to do push ups instead the ring dips but I thin I did 3x push ups…)

WOD 28/8/15

I taught the CF Kids class and did a bit of snatch practice afterwards, looked funny:

I was actually focusing on keeping the bar close to my body and opening my hips, so I don not care about the falling, the video was def not my best lift from yesterday, but still, it felt better than normally…

1x 600m run
3x 30sec su
10sec du
3x 15m wheelbarrow
5 ring rows
5 plank to push ups
3 push ups

Shoulder Press (1×3)
2×5 15/25
2×3 30/35
3×3 @80%+ 40kg
*last set +max reps push press: 10
*rest 1,5-2min

Metcon (No Measure)
2x 40sec work, 20sec rest
I. ghd sit ups
II. superman medball throw
III. hollow rock
IV. superman halo
V. chinese abs
VI. superman
VII. leg raises
– 3min rest –
Metcon (Time)
10 burpees
*rest 30sec
RX 😉 8:11min

Instagram Fun

WOD 27/7/15

Holidays are kinda over and it takes me away training time and flexibility… Today I went to the 5pm class and did some extra training before. It actually is a bit harder to train before the wod… :/

Deadlift (Rhein am Neckar)
It supposed to be heavier and without floor contact, hook grip and “Wechselgriff” but for me it was really heavy to use the weights I decided to use. Keeping a good form and a strong back is not that easy…
4×91 kg
4x97kg x2
2×2 102kg

Push Press
Find your 10 RM of the day
– 45kg then 10×95% and 90% (42kg,41kg)

Clean Pull
I just worked on my technique and did high pulls. I went up to 55kg, focused on keeping the bar close to my body and not pulling too early

Strict MU
3min run
5 squats
5 ring rows
5 push ups
2 squat jumps

Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 front squat
5 clean
5 split jerk
Clean and Jerk (1×1)
3×2 35/45
3×1 50/55/60
4×1 @85%+ 62.5 got clean, failed jerk 😦
*rest 1,5-2min

Metcon (No Measure)
2:30min work on hspu
I did deficit negatives with 20+10kg plates and some deficit kipping hspu
2:30min run/row

Metcon (Time)
8 pull ups
8 t2b
8 clean 60/40
RX 6:01 not happy with my time
30 ghd med ball sit ups
70 ghd sit ups
30 back extensions on ghd

4×5 strict pull ups
60 sit ups

WOD 25/8/15

1x 300m run
3x 30sec su
10 sec du

5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 ohs
5 snatch balance
5 snatch

Snatch (1×1)
2×3 25/30
3×2 32.5/35
4×1 @90%+ 37.5/40/40/fail
*rest 1,5-2min
still a mess….

Basic Strength
1 two position hspu (deficit if possible)
10 zots press
20 chinese abs

Metcon (Time)
for time
21 thruster 45/30
42 du
15 thruster
30 du
9 thruster
18 du
4:34 RX unbroken 21 15=7/8 unbroken 9 thrusters

Close Bench Grip
10×3 46kg, felt heavy

Jerk sets of 3, last set only one

7strict pull ups+ Sarah’s special reverse ring v ups 😉

Monday WOD 24/8/15

2x 300m run
10 russian kb swings
2x 12 frontrack lunges
10 good morning
8 front squats
6 deadlift

Basic Strength
Deadlift (2×3)
2×9 45/45
2×7 50/55
2×5 60/85
2×3 @80% 97.5/100kg
*rest 1,5-2min between sets

Metcon (No Measure)
10 one legged romanian deadlift each leg
10 floor wiper
1min work on hspu

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
amrap 16
max reps push ups
*everytime you fail during the push up, run 600m
40/30/23/42 = 135 RX

Awesome Friday WOD

1x 600m
10sec du
3x 15m wheelbarrow
5 ring rows
5 plank to push ups
3 push ups

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press (3×3)
3×3 @80%
*rest 1,5-2min
I changed it a little – did less warm up reps and 5×3 38kg

Metcon (Time)
60 du
30 sit ups
6 burpee muscle ups
Metcon (Distance)
max distance run

I love and hate muscle ups in a wod because I am always scared to mess them up but they were actually fine, took a bit longer, locking my arms during the dip was the most exhausting part… I had no no rep… Wohoooo
RX 13:18 part one, about 1720 m part two… I felt quite satisfied and happy with my training and decided to do a little bit gymnastics and leave afterwards to work a bit.