Awesome Friday WOD

1x 600m
10sec du
3x 15m wheelbarrow
5 ring rows
5 plank to push ups
3 push ups

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press (3×3)
3×3 @80%
*rest 1,5-2min
I changed it a little – did less warm up reps and 5×3 38kg

Metcon (Time)
60 du
30 sit ups
6 burpee muscle ups
Metcon (Distance)
max distance run

I love and hate muscle ups in a wod because I am always scared to mess them up but they were actually fine, took a bit longer, locking my arms during the dip was the most exhausting part… I had no no rep… Wohoooo
RX 13:18 part one, about 1720 m part two… I felt quite satisfied and happy with my training and decided to do a little bit gymnastics and leave afterwards to work a bit.


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