WOD 27/7/15

Holidays are kinda over and it takes me away training time and flexibility… Today I went to the 5pm class and did some extra training before. It actually is a bit harder to train before the wod… :/

Deadlift (Rhein am Neckar)
It supposed to be heavier and without floor contact, hook grip and “Wechselgriff” but for me it was really heavy to use the weights I decided to use. Keeping a good form and a strong back is not that easy…
4×91 kg
4x97kg x2
2×2 102kg

Push Press
Find your 10 RM of the day
– 45kg then 10×95% and 90% (42kg,41kg)

Clean Pull
I just worked on my technique and did high pulls. I went up to 55kg, focused on keeping the bar close to my body and not pulling too early

Strict MU
3min run
5 squats
5 ring rows
5 push ups
2 squat jumps

Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 front squat
5 clean
5 split jerk
Clean and Jerk (1×1)
3×2 35/45
3×1 50/55/60
4×1 @85%+ 62.5 got clean, failed jerk 😦
*rest 1,5-2min

Metcon (No Measure)
2:30min work on hspu
I did deficit negatives with 20+10kg plates and some deficit kipping hspu
2:30min run/row

Metcon (Time)
8 pull ups
8 t2b
8 clean 60/40
RX 6:01 not happy with my time
30 ghd med ball sit ups
70 ghd sit ups
30 back extensions on ghd

4×5 strict pull ups
60 sit ups

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