Monday Partner WOD week

This week will be another transition week before the new cycle will start next Monday. There will be just wods and some coordination drills. But I ll do my own training if it fits into my busy work schedule…
5 push ups
15m bear crawl
5 squats
15m duck walk
5 superman
15m crab walk
5 deadlift w/ broomstick
15m walk up to toes

Icke´s Coordination Movements
Metcon (No Measure)
e2:30mom 15
I. coordination ladder
II. catch reaction (in teams of two + 4-5 Balls)

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 2
21 – 15 – 9
deadlift 100/70
– no rest –
400m run
21 swings 24/16
12 pull ups
– no rest –
50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10
double under
sit ups
*one works, one rests
RX 15:07


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