Back in the box

I came back to Berlin very late, two hours later than expected, thanks to German Train System… So I was a bit worried about going to the box and doing the qualifying for the German Throwdown

But the time is running and I have to be done by Sunday with all three wods and this week is kinda busy anyways. Today I start teaching to kids gymnastic classes at a school in Berlin which also takes away a bit of my working out time… But it is nice to teach kids and get some more experience in it…

I decided to do wod three, a letter
10-9-8-…1 Hanstand Push Ups & Snatch (15 min timecap)

Because I am actually older than 35 (:( ) I am a master at the German Throwdown. It sounds weird and makes me feel old… But the RX division is a bit to crazy on the weights. The power snatch with 45 kg (around 93 lbs)and another wod KB snatch with 24kg (around 52 lbs). This is crazy for a qualifying wod, a lot of people got mad about this weights. I do understand it because for me it would be crazy heavy and probably impossible.

aster weights are a bit lighter, still not easy:
Power Snatch 35kg, the KB snatch for the other wod 20 kg and you are not allowed to swing behind your legs – STUPID

I finished 12:01 min, I got a bit mad about the HSPU because there was this rule how to measure them out (like at the open wod), a little bit to picky in my opinion…, whatever. We will see where I finish up

Afterwards I did the regular wod and I have to admit I was a bit tired… 🙂 I cheated a bit with the warm up because I already was hot… 😀

20 jumping jacks
10 kb swings
10 kb rdl
5 kb good morning stretch

30sec work on du
30sec rest
10 front rack lunges w/ barbell
5 deadlifts w/ barbell

Basic Strength
Deadlift (12-10-8-12-10-8)
1×12 @50%
1×10 @55%
1×8 @60%
1×12 @55%
1×10 @60% 78.5kg
1×8 @65%
*rest 1,5min

Metcon (No Measure)
10sec active hang
5sec hold mid pull up
5sec hold chin over bar
20sec rest
10sec hold ring support
5sec hold mid ring dip
5sec hold bottom of ring dip
20sec rest
I did 5 strict PU & 5 strict ring dips

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 8
8 frontrack walking lunges 2×24/16 kb
8 double kb russian swings 24/16
8 pull ups
30 du
RX 4+5

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