Saturday and Sunday- German Throwdown 3 & 4/10/15

There was no regular training for me on Saturday. I skipped the morning class to do the next qualifying workout for the German Throwdown ( Master Elite, yes I am older than 35… :/ At least here it helps me a bit. It was the worst one:
12 min amrap
150 wall balls
rowing for meters

It was a bit annoying with the setup, you need a judge and you have to make a video, just in case they will ask when u top 12 the end. Well in the video you see the wall balls and me suffering but when I went to the rower, there was just my upper back…,ups. At least you can see the time after rowing when you zoom in. Anyways, I finished 1098 m which put in in place 7th for this one. The rowing felt horrible, another weakness, I do not know how some Professional Elite girls could row more than 1400… Respect! Haha, of course, they are younger. 😉

Afterwards I was not really able to do some serious training. I enjoyed a alkfree beer, the sun outside and di some baby skill training before I left.

I came back on Sunday to do the last and final wod:
amrap 7
8 alternating KB snatch (20kg, no swing allowed)
6 back squat (55kg from the ground)
4 bar muscle ups

Again we had to do the stupid setting with judge and camera. The clean for the back squat felt heavy, the snatch were ok, the bar muscle are okay, if I do them one by one. They are still more strict than anything els. I start a kip but then I kinda stop and use my strengths, which is absolutely not helpful to string them together. I finished 2 rounds, 9 reps and got a bit mad. The last set of back squats, I lost the bar during the clean and it cost important time and the last reps, so I only got one more back squat instead of 6… :/ I finished up 10th. Normally I would be on spot 8 or 7. I know it is just the qualifying but still, I could have done better because I do have the capability…

Yesterday I got my invitation to the finals, they don’t wanna see any videos, they just believe us. 😉 I had uploaded the two on youtube already, if u wanna have a laugh:


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