WOD&Training 20/10/15

I changed my vacation schedule and went to the 12pm class instead the 8:15am class. So took a little rest time after the wod before I started my own training session and it felt so much better than my frustrating yesterday…

Training videos from today:

20 jumping jacks
10 kb swings
10 kb rdl
30sec kb good morning stretch
30sec work on du
30sec rest
10 front rack lunges
5 deadlifts

Deadlift (12-10-8-12-10-8)
1×12 @55%
1×10 @60%
1×8 @65%
1×12 @60%
1×10 @65% (78kg)
1×8 @70% (85kg)
*rest 2min

Metcon (2 Rounds for weight)
3 weighted pull ups (5kg/8kg/10kg/10kg/15kg)
3 weighted ring dips 82.5kg/5kg/8kg/10kg/15kg)
*1min rest

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
8 t2b
8 one arm kb ohs 20/12
RX 6+4
2min rest

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 4
8 hspu
8 one arm kb thruster 20/12
RX 4+2

Training Session
High Hang Squat Snatch
emom5 3x29kg
emom5 3x32kg

Snatch pull
3×2 43kg 3×2 46kg

Clean an Jerk
work up to a heavy single

Snatch Push Press+OHS
3x 3+2 43kg

emom 10
2 strict Muscle Ups

Skill Training
-practice strict Handstand Push Ups
– practice Handstand Walk

Saturday Morning and Afternoon Session 17/10/15

This morning I only did the strengths and skill part and skipped the woed because ti was pull ups, push ups and squat. Three movements I am kind good at and we did the same movements (strict PU and push ups for max sets) the day before. I also decided to go back in the afternoon for a 2nd training session anyways…

back squat
4×1 around 90% 1RM
I finshed up wit 97.5 kg after one fail. 95kg felt fine, 97.5 kg it was hard to get up and my deep was not perfect. I am also concerned about my left knee pain, not getting better. Annoying

Then I did 3×10 one leg KB deadlift and 3×10 one leg bridge up.

In the afternoon I joined the pull up and muscle up class in the middle of the class, did 5 strict unbroken MU and 7 sets of legless rope climbs and free handstand push up practice in between.
Then I worked on my snatch, did 3×3 with 29kg, 2×2 with 32kg and a couple of more reps just to work on my technique.
I finished my barbell day with an emom 12: 3 clean and jerk (40kg) 6 3 HSPU.

Last but not least I worked on my handstand walk and did some core work
25-20-15-10-5 unbroken GHD sit ups & banded good mornings

Wod 13/10/15

training before class
2×5 85kg back squat
work on gymnastics
– muscle ups
– kipping and strict HSPU
– handstand walk

20 jumping jacks
10 kb swings
10 kb rdl
5 kb good morning stretch

30sec work on du
30sec rest

10 front rack lunges
5 deadlifts
Basic Strength
Deficit Deadlift (3×5)
deficit deadlift
3×5@75% 90kg (no belt, one time false,- two times regular grip)
*rest 2min

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
max reps ring pull ups
1min rest
max reps push up to elbow
1min rest
13/20/9/18/8/15 kinda…, I did 83 reps in total

Metcon (Time)
for time
15 kb snatch left 24/16
15 kb snatch right 24/16
30 wall balls
30 kb lunges 24/16
30 medball russian twist
300m kb run 24/16
6:06 RX My first couple of medballs were a mess, my arms were pumped up from the gymnastic part…

WOD 12/10/15

I came a bit earlier, we had a meeting at school and did bench press and snatch practice

bench press
2×3 53kg

2×6 25kg
1×6 27.5

2x15m bear crawl
15m crabwalk
3min partner snatch prep
5 hollow rocks
5 superman
5 squats
1 planche lean

5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 snatch grip press behind neck
5 hang power snatch

Hang Power Snatch (1×3)
2×5 25kg/30kg
4×3 32.5/35/37.5/ 2×40
work up to a heavy set of 3

Zots Press (12-10-8)
*start 2.5kg above last weeks starting weight and add weight every set if possible
15/20/25kg (same like last week but felt better)

Metcon (Time)
for time
21 – 15 – 9
hps 35/25
jumping box over
hand release push ups
RX 5:09

Cool Down
3 rds
600 m easy run
15 ghd sit ups/sit ups
2×2 c2b pu

WOD and mini training 10/10/15

I did the morning class and came back in the afternoon, the open gym times on Saturdays aren’t that good anymore, so there is not enough time to train…

15m bear crawl
15m walking lunges
15m high knees
15m crab walk

5 wall squats
10 cossack squats

Basic Strength
Back Squat (12 – 10 – 8 – 12 – 10 – 8)
1×12 @50% 52.5
1×10 @55% 57.5
1×8 @60% 62.5
1×12 @55% 57.5
1×10 @60% 62.5
1×8 @65% 67.5

Metcon (No Measure)
10 medball hamstring curls
10 frontrack lunges (5 each leg)
deficit 35kg

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap 6
3 hspu
6 pull ups
9 burpees
RX 6+3

I worked on my clean and my clean pull
3×2 50kg 2×3 50kg

clean pull 3×5 64kg

9/10/15 – Berlin Throwdown

Today I taught the kids and decided just to do the wod because the week was stressful and full of work.
We did the 2nd qualifying wod for the Berlin Throwdown – a little competition one of our coaches came up with a couple weeks ago. It is a nice idea to bring the Berlin community together and let them compete against each other. There are 9 RX and 9 fun (scaled) teams (one female, one male) who will compete against each other in our box on November 28th. Every box can send one team per division. The teams must do the qualifying wods if they wanna take part. We – the Friday Classes just did for fun as part of the regular wod. I did it with another girl and it was really cool. I did all PS unbroken and also the Double Unders, this was a bit exhausting because you get tired but you still can do it – just don’t stop… The second gives you a bit more rest time but also increasing reps… But still I liked them!!!

15m bearcrawl
10 squats
10 reach through
10 scapula pull ups

skill 2x
2:30min work on handstand
2:30min run/row

Basic Strength
5×3 strict pull ups (30X1)
5×3 strict ring dips (30X1)

BTD Qualifier 15.2 (2 Rounds for reps)
in teams of 2
one works one round, one rests
amrap 9
15 power snatch 35/25 (rx’d) / 25/15 (fun)
30 du (rx’d) / 30 su (fun)
rest 2min
8 rounds+ 10 PS

amrap 9
3 ohs 45/30 (rx’d) / kb squats 20/12 (fun)
3 pull ups (rx’d) / kb swings 20/12 (fun)
6 ohs
6 pull ups
We came into round 21, finished all the OHS and did some pull ups.