Madrid Weekend II

We went to CrossFit Singular after a nice Starbucks Latte to do some pen gym work. Today we tried my friends program.

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e30sec for 7 min 1 clean and jerk
I used 55kg. I felt fine, we were not allowed to drop the bar because of the neighbors, this made it a little bit weird…

5 rounds 30 sec on/30 sec off
a) pull up
b) hang power clean (45kg)
c) v-ups

Afterwards I did a couple of (weighted) muscle ups and ring dips…

We left the box to get some food and found a sushi/Asian kind of restaurant, ate sth and went to the Invitational Venue.

The competition started at 4 pm. It was a nice 2 hour event, just a little expensive, about 50 Euro. Next to the wods there was nothing special, just an expensive Reebok stall with lots of people buying shirts from the event. I was a bit disappointed because I thought there would be a couple nice paleo stalls, CF shirts shops and some other sport brands… Well, but always impresssive to see the strong athletes competing, Froning is always un to watch…


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