Tuesday 15/12/15

Fran Time- long time not done… I felt a bit scared of this lady. My left hand still has a blister somewhere under my skin and I can’t get rid of it. I even tried a hand baths… Still there. I improved my time by more than 1 minute, lol, this is what I said yesterday… The only thing that is still fine are endurance wods or light barbell wods… 😉

Warm-up 2x
3 burpees
5 turtle get up
7 ring rows
14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s
8 scapula pull ups

3x max reps strict ring dips
*rest exactly 1min in between sets
*this is a test. stick to the standards and do your best.
16/10/7 reps

Skill 2x
2:30min work on kipping/butterfly pull ups
2:30min row

Fran 42.5/30
3:45 RX


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