Before the Christmas Break

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas were just some fun and partner wods… I continued with my program next to the classes, but already was looking forward to the break…

Warm-up 3x
20 jumping jacks
15 squats
10 deadlift w/ barbell
5 ring rows

Metcon “The Elves” in teams of 2
1 works, 1 rests
50 squats
40 swings 24/16
30 box over
20 deadlifts 100/70
100m kb run 32/24

Reindeer warm up 3x
300m run
15m wheel barrow
15m bear crawl

in teams of 2, 1 works, 1 rests
amrap 40
600m run
30m wheel barrow
600m row
30 burpees over the erg

Santa warm up 4x
1min rope jump
10 squats
10 ring rows
10 swings

Metcon “Santa” in teams of 2
1 works all stations, 1 rests (each partner does 5 rounds of 4min work), each station 1min work
10x for total reps
I. cal row
II. sandbag g2s
III. wall balls
IV. pull ups


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