Saturday Morning 9/1/16

Because of the new schedule the first class starts at 9 am, a little earlier but I still prefer going at this time. On the one hand I normally wake up around 8 am anyways and on the other hand I have a longer break between my morning and afternoon session. This Saturday I decided to take off my afternoon because I still felt kinda sore and unmotivated. I thought I need something more fun for that day and wanted to go playing squash. But my friend got sick and so we decided not to go, just having breakfast and a nice lazy afternoon…

Warm-up 3x
15m bear crawl
8 scapula pull ups
8 hollow rocks
4 box slide downs (2 each leg)

Basic Strength
Turkish Get Up (5×1)
e2mom 20
I. 1 tgu presses each side
II. work on pull up / t2b

Metcon amrap 9
3 s2o 50/35
3 c2b pull ups
6 s2o
6 c2b pull ups

RX 121 reps

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