Thursday 22/1/16

Warm-up 2x
15m crab walk
15m walking lunges
7 dl w/ broomstick or barbell
4 box slide downs (2each leg)

Sumo Deadlift
e2mom 20
I. 4 sumo deadlifts
II. 5 bottom up db press each arm
*find working weight in first 10min and stick to that weight
80 kg deadlift; 12kg KB bottoms up

Metcon amrap 12
30 burpee box over
30 t2b
30 s2o 50/35
1+88 RX
I got a little bit upset about myself after I realised that I only missed two reps to complete the second round, I did not push myself hard enough because it was possible but I rested too long during the last reps, even there was more in my tank… STUPID!!!!

“Buy Out”
100 partner ghd medball throws


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