Monday 25/1/16

Deload week – and of course I did not know it because I always wait until I see the daily wods on the board in the box. So I was bit surprised when I came to the late class and felt like going crazy because it is “CrossFit Open Monday” and there was just this… 😉

5min run / row
2:30min coordination ladder
2:30min Y-Squat
14 I’s
12 T’s
10 Y’s

DU ladder
10su +1 du
9su + 2 du

40sec hollow rock
40sec sit ups

Metcon 3x no measure
20 squats
20 ring rows
20 swings
At least I took the 24kg kettlebell…

Of course it makes sense to add a deload week. Most of the members are not so crazy into training and getting better and stronger, it is more about staying fit or becoming fit but I was like… “Oh 😦 !” Haha, but of course, I did my regular strengths and gymnastic training the whole week and felt perfectly fine and not tired


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