Saturday Morning

Saturday morning after trying 16.3 felt kinda good, Saturday afternoon didn’t… Haha, after my coffee I wanted to leave the house for my afternoon session but on the way down, I made a u turn and went back to the apartment. I was so tired, sore and unmotivated that it made no sense at all to go back to training and practice bar muscle ups and do some extra work. So I decided to do my grocery shopping instead and stay in bed for another hour… 🙂 Best idea ever…

Warm-up 3x
15m wheelbarrow
10 hollow rocks
10 superman
10 squats
2x 2:30min row/ work on kip/butterfly pull up

3x snatch position play
3x ohs position play

Metcon in teams of 2
for time
one works, one rests
100 hps 30/20
100 burpees over the bar
100 pull ups
100 s2o 30/20
15:42 RX

At night, still feeling tired I enjoyed a nice dinner with awesome non-al drinks…, getting ready for my next 16.3 attempt:


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