Sunday 16.3 for the 2nd time

This time in the year when you decide to redo an open workout because you think u can do better…. AND …. I  actually did better, one more round with stupid shitty bar muscle technique… My poor chest and arms!

I went kinda early to the gym bur it took long before we started, I already did lots of muscle ups to work on my practice and I actually got better, but during the wod it became worse again…, haha, it is so hard to use all the elements and string them together… But I had 5 rounds plus 12 reps, 1 one better. I still got upset: I almost would have finished round 6 BUT I did not get the last MU, it was the one and only fail…, shit…

Afterwards I felt so tire and exhausted that I could not really do anything meaningless relating to CF movements. 😉 I finished the day with a very late breakfast brunch kinda thing at a good coffee place in Berlin…

2 more to go…

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