Thursday Morning….

Today went to the 9 am class because I will visit my family over the weekend…
I did some little skill work afterwards but nothing too big…

Warm-up 2x
15m bear crawl
10 swings
15m crab walk
10 squat
– squat routine

Back Squat (5×10)
5min to warm up to working weight
then 5×10
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 5-10kg to last week
68 kg

Metcon, amrap 18
in teams of 2 1 works, 1 rests
120 wall balls 20/14
100 swings 24/16
80cal row
60 t2b
40 ohs 35/25
20 burpee box over
amrap c2b pull ups / pull ups

It was a nice wod, I was a bit under challenged because my partner was a bit slower than me so we did not make it through the last round of burpees to start with the pull ups… I think we finished about 15 of the burpees…

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