Wednesday 6/4/16

Today I started trying the misfit athletics cycle ( A couple of people at our box already started using it and do recommend it highly… It is a good program, short, intense, exhausting. But I dunno how to fully integrate it into my trainingsplan with my work schedule and my squat and bench program… But I do think that the regular class wod is not challenging enough for me – if I want to become better and do some more competitions, I thin k it is just not enough and does not help me to improve my weaknesses because the focus is not on the movements I do not like and have to practice on a day to day base… So, I am a bit confused about my training and my progress right now…

2017 Regionals Prep Cycle 1 – Test Week Day 1

1. Warm-up
3×12 Weighted hip extensions
Row 1k @80+%
20 Kipping HSPU

2. Strength
Find your 5RM touch and go deadlift – NO bounce

I did not do the metcon and the gymnastic test because I took part in the regular class but I have to do it in the next weeks!

3. Met-Con
3 Rounds
100 Double Unders
20 KB Swings 70/53lbs
20 Burpees to 6″ target

4. Gymnastics Test
8 Rounds
5 Strict HSPU
10 Alternating pistols
15 Pull-ups


8 Bench Press | 42 kg
8 Bench Press | 45.5 kg
6 Bench Press | 52 kg
6 Bench Press | 55 kg

5 Shoulder Press | 29 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 33.5 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 36 kg
5 Shoulder Press | 38 kg


2min row
2min single under

glute stretch 1min each side
oh mobilization 2min (black roll+barbell)

ankle stretch w/barbell 2min
Overhead Squat (10×4)
narrow grip ohs

emom 10
4 ohs
*stay light and try to grip a little narrower every minute
5x35kg with narrow grip, felt hard…

Metcon (Time)
300m run
20 sit ups
10 hspu
RX 10:30
My running sucks….

Gymnastic Test misfits

amrao 5
We did it on the outside rack which is a bit more challenging, the grip sucks, so my score was not that good. I sprinted too slow and did in total only 45 T2Bs…


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