Thursday 14/4/16

Exhausting day @ work…, I made it to the 6pm class today, no pen gym before, stupid Thursdays. 😉

Warm-up 2x
50 single under
10 hollow rocks
10 superman

Active hip joint prep
This was kinda weird movements, I prefer the squat routine we normally do…

2x 5 wall squats & 10 cossack squats

Back Squat (7×7)
5min to warm up to 60%
then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
70 kg, felt okay but I am worried aboiut next week -72 or 75kg sounds so heavy for 7×7 reps

Metcon in teams of 2
amrap 14
6 kb thruster 2×12 / 2×20
12 pull ups
*one works one round, one rests

This was a fun one, we did it as team of three, me and two other friends. One of them is the girl I’ll will compete with for the Berlin Throwdown ( The qualifying wods will start in a couple of weeks.
We finished 21 rounds plus 16 reps. RX 😉


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