Today it was time to do our qualifier for the Budapest Throwdown ( It is a team competition with the finals in June in Budapest. They even have a team master category, 2 male and one female. All three must be 35+ and together 110. Me and two other old athletes 😉 registered for it and decided to do the weos on the weekend.

I skipped the morning class, on the one hand to be fit in the afternoon, on the other hand, the wod was kinda boring (sorry!).

Here we go:
A. Clean 1 RM (results of the 3 athletes in kg=score) 6 min TC
B. 14 min As many reps as possible:
100 Wall ball
100 Deadlift
100 Burpee over the bar (lateral)

Wall ball: @6/9kg, 275/305cm
Barbells: @70/100

So we started with the clean. I did a squat clean from the beginning…, yeah… and I pr’ed: 75 kg… YES!!!!!! Finally getting better… The second wod was just cool, one person worked at the time, two rested. Here are the links to our videos:

Afterwards I was kinda happy with what I did and not really motivated to do much more training. We chatted a bit and I left the box to have a nice dinner… 🙂

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