Sunday Fun


So we officially qualified for the Masters at the Budapest Throwdown… Yeah… We also decided to go there and compete. I think it will be awesome!!! I am not taking it too seriously, just wanna go out there and have fun. I also like the idea going to Budapest for a weekend trip… 🙂

Today we just wanted to meet @ the box and book the flights, what we did. Afterwards I was thinking about a bit skill work or a small misfit session BUT… 🙂 A couple of people decided to do a crazy wod and asked me to join…, well…, it really looked good and exhausting, so I decided to join them AND it was WOW… 😉

Part One
One works @ the time and does one thruster…
5 Clusters 40/30kg
5 Clusters 50/35kg
5 Clusters 60/40kg
5 Clusters 65/45kg
5 Clusters 70/50kg
5 Clusters 75/55kg
and so on………
I think I finished the 50kg round (timecap 10 min, I was abit over but wanted to do all 5 reps)

“The Seven”
Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups [Scale: Push-Press 50/40kg]
7 Thruster 60/40kg
7 K2E
7 Deadlift 110/75kg
7 Burpees
7 AKBS 32/24kg
7 Pull-ups
RX 26:31
This was crazy intense, the thrusters were horrible…


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