Saturday 30/4/16

This morning I met with my friend at the box to do a running wod, some lifts and a partner workout afterwards. I was curious to try my new sport watch and see how it works but I was not looking forward to the runs…

4x800m run, rest 400 m light run

This was hard for me and my running skills. I like having a gps watch and checkimg my running but I messed up the settings a bit, so I got a bit confused…

Clean and Jerk

WOD 2 Partner WOD, one works, one rests
100 thruster (35kg)
100 chest to bar pull up
100 Handstand push up

I did not train in the afternoon. After breakfast I went to watch two girls from our box competing at a powerlift competition in Berlin Friedrichshain at Berlin Strengths ( It was a fun event to watch, they asked me a couple of weeks ago if I wanna compete as well but with all the qualifying wods and also the one rep max thing, I was like, “No!”. I am not the biggest fan of heavy lifts. I prefer more the volume based lifts.

The only annoying thing was my tummy, I was soooooo starving all day long, I don’t know if it was because of the running and the wod. I had a breakfast, some pieces of cookie, a banana bread, bought some nuts and cranberries and went straight to dinner after the competition (big arabic plate with falafel and cheese). Finally I felt full and went to bed early, haha on a Saturday… 😉


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