Saturday 21/5/16

Berlin Throwdown, still 2 more wods to go. Because of my little trip I was kinda short on time to do them, the deadline is tomorrow 10 pm. So I decided to skip the morning class to get some more rest and do one today and the other one tomorrow during open gym time.

Today it was the amrap I already tried:

12 min amrap
18 DU
12 wall balls
6 chest to bar pull ups

I was hoping for ten rounds after I had 9+27 reps the first time I tried. Well, well, well, it was worse. I was a little upset with my judge, she gave me two no reps but they weren’t, it happens… So I ended up with 9 rounds and 20 reps. I think it is okay but because of not being able doing butterfly chest to bar pull ups I can not be much faster, my kippings take so much longer…

Afterwards I was a bit lazy and unmotivated, do not even know what I did. I judged some of the other people, did some light skill training and chatted a bit.
One more to go…

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