I skipped the morning class because the wod was a bit too easy, instead I worked out with my partner, I am going to do the Berlin Throwdown with….

I started doing my bench press and strict press cycle.

Afterwards we did a partner wod:

for time, one works, one rests:
100 power snatch, 35kg

– 60 synchronized partner toes to bar

– 50 m handstand walk, well my friend did most of that, but at least I tried… :/

In the afternoon I came back to practice for the Budapest Throwdown, we will fly to Budapest the upcoming weekend.

3 rounds for time, one works, two rest
– 40 pull ups
– 40 deadlifts (80/50)
– 40 wallballs

I actually wanted to do a throwdown wod, they already anounced three wods but I did not read them again, so we messed it up, master will only do 30 reps and there will be burpee box jump overs as well, ooooops. 😉

I also practiced hang power clean, there will be a 3 rep max in between one of the wods. Last but not least we did some rope climb practice.

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