Thursday 2/6/16

Today was my last training day before the Budapest Throwdown, our master team will fly out tomorrow. The competition will start on Saturday morning. Anyways it is more a fun weekend with some wods than a serious competition. We did not even think we will qualify, we never worked out before as a team and the guys are not so competitive (till now).

After announcing the first wods for Saturday, we already found out that wod 1 and 2 will be a problem:

There will be some handstand push ups, bar muscle ups and overhead squat for male with 50kg (actually they changed it to 60kg) involved. One member can not do these movements. He really practiced and tried hard but the time until the weekend is too short.

I went to a later class because of my work schedule and only did the class, no extra work:

Warm-up 3x
30 jumping jacks
10 swings
10 push ups

Clean + Jerk 2x
3 clean deadlift
3 clean high pull
3 muscle clean
3 power clean
3 clean
3 split jerk

1 hang clean + 2 clean + 3 split jerk (1×1)
e1:30mom 12
1 hang clean + 2 clean + 3 split jerk
*increase weight as needed

Metcon (Time)
30 sit ups
30 ohs 20/15
30 sit ups
30 fsquat 20/15
30 sit ups
30 bsquat 20/15
30 sit ups
RX, took 20kg bar

6:17 min

After WOD gainzzzzzzzzz…….



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