4/6/16 Monday – back in the box…

Oh man, this was really early. Getting up around 3:40 am, flying back to Berlin at 6am and going straight to work. After school I went home to get some food and some sleep. But I had to leave to teach CF Kids. I decided to do the weightlifting emom after the kids but skipped the wod –  It would have been Isabel “30 snatches for time”, never done RX and definitely not the day to do it…

1 power snatch
2 snatch balance
3 overhead squat

I started with 25kg and went up to 47.5 kg It felt good and I was in the mood and after the emom I put 50kg on the barbell and tried a power snatch…. AND
I MADE IT! Finally 50kg and after the weightlifting part and the exhausting weekend. Wohooo! Still in comparing to what I do for weightlifting and how long I have been working on it, 50kg is like nothing… Me and the technique…

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