Spartan Games Neu Isenburg

We artived in Neu Isenburg by car Friday Night. It was a 5 hour drive there. We bought some food for a bbq and drove to the box. Spartan Games us a teo day competition at a CF box. This year it was for teams of 5, three guys,two girls. You don’t have to qualify, you just can ask for participating. Our box came with three teams. It was more of a fun weekend than a serious competition. We slept in the box, got awesome food there and the owner was really cool and helpful. Even it was more fun right before my vacation I got soooooooooo sore…. I think it was because of the 300 10kg vest air squats I had to do. I kinda did them unbroken, just a couple f seconds after hitting 200. We did 7 wods in total, one was Ryan which I did for the team: 

5 rds for time: 7 muscle ups,21 burpees – ui

It was exhausting but also fun. I was the only girl who did Ryan and got a lot of compliments afterwards. Hehe! 

I also had to do the wod called”einsamer Spartaner” amrap 6 3dl,2hsc,1push jerk (50kg), I was okay but could have done it a bit faster… It is so hard to pace myself during barbell wods- def an area to work on…

We came back to Berlin Sunday to Monday around 1am. Fun weekend but now it is time to take a break from competitions and go back to regular training and working on my weaknesses-after my holidays 🙂

Thursday 21/7/16

FINALLY: Summer Break…!!!!!! Today I went to the 12pm class and did some skill work afterwards but it was hard to focus because I am still not very motivated, progress is slow, I put so much work in but I do not see that I am getting better, kinda the opposite is happening.. Stuck totally…

Warm-up 3x
50 single under
7 front squats
3 drop jumps
1min overhead stretch on rings
1min ankle dorsflexion w/ bar

Power Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 muscle clean
5 power clean
5 split jerk

Metcon in teams of 2
amrap 30
800m run
10 clean & jerk 60/40
*one works one round, one rests
6 rounds+run+1 C&J

Wednesday 20/7/16

900m run
20 plank to push up

30sec work, 30sec rest
pike lift variations
I. one leg
II. one legs split
III. kriss kross
IV. both legs hold

Banded Bench Press (3×10)

banded bench press

Metcon in teams of 2
amrap 20
10 wall balls
10 burpees
200m run
*one works one round, one rests
RX 11:32

Tuesday 19/7/16

2min row
2min banded glute activation
2min plank
2min partner split stretch

5 burpees
10 squats

5min crab football

Diane (Time)
Deadlifts, 70kg
Handstand Push-ups
4:43 RX

Metcon (No Measure)
finisher 3x
3 nordic hamstrings
10 good morning
20sec hanging L-sit
40sec dead hang

Monday 18/7/16

Two more days until my summer break. It is time. I feel tired and exhausted also my CrossFit training enthusiasm is not there anymore, so I guess I also need a little break from my CF routine. Next week I will fly to the States for three weeks, I am so looking forward to it. This weekend there will be another little competition: The Spartan Games…

It sounds like fun but I am not really fit and prepared, we will see…

Warm-up 2x
20 swings
10 burpees
5 ohs
1min overhead stretch on rings
1min ankle dorsflexion w/ bar

Snatch 2x
5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 muscle snatch
5 power snatch
5 snatch
5 snatch balance

Metcon (Distance)
in teams of 2
100 burpees over the erg
max distance row
4121m RX
20:00-25:00 rest
Metcon (Time)
you go, I go
19 – 15 – 11
thruster 40/30
pull ups
RX 6:38
Good practice for Fran which I have to do on Sunday for the Spartan Games 😦