Chris Hinshaw @ CF Icke

Today there was a special event at our box, Chris Hinshaw, the aerobic capacity trainer held 2 classes in the afternoon. I taught the kids first, did my back squats, some skills and took part in the second class her offered. Of course, there was some marketing behind it – Reebok presented its new CrossFit running shoes. They brought a couple of them and all the people could try them during his workshop. Actually I was kinds surprised when I put them on, they felt good, very smooth and light, even they looked not that good.

The workout we did with him was very interesting, all about pacing. We did a warmup together, some drill I also do with my students and saw him doing before. The workout itself was a 5 time run around the box with one minute rest between. The goal was to run each round with the exact same pace. Well, I think I would have done it great but I was to stupid to calculate right, this happens when you talk to other people during class and do not think about what to do… :/

My time was 1.09 in the first round, so I started my second one at 2:09. I was back at 3:18 which is zhe perfect time – 2:09+1:09 = 3:18 BUT I got confused and thought I was too slow – 9 seconds – so I started to early ran faster and booooom everything got messed up. F***! Next time I know…

A couple of weeks ago I bought the aerobic capacity program anyways, so I hope I can use it for my training, right now I am not finding time to do it which is a little bit annoying…


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