Thursday 21/7/16

FINALLY: Summer Break…!!!!!! Today I went to the 12pm class and did some skill work afterwards but it was hard to focus because I am still not very motivated, progress is slow, I put so much work in but I do not see that I am getting better, kinda the opposite is happening.. Stuck totally…

Warm-up 3x
50 single under
7 front squats
3 drop jumps
1min overhead stretch on rings
1min ankle dorsflexion w/ bar

Power Clean + Jerk
5 clean deadlift
5 clean high pull
5 muscle clean
5 power clean
5 split jerk

Metcon in teams of 2
amrap 30
800m run
10 clean & jerk 60/40
*one works one round, one rests
6 rounds+run+1 C&J


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