After Holidays – the worst

It is my 3rd trainingsday back at the gym and it feels horrible – I came back last Thursday, did the regular class, trained Friday with a bunch if people-we did the misfitathletics wod. On the weekend I had to rest because I was outside Berlin. So today 3rd day back at the box, I did the regular 12pm class and some own stuff afterwards:
300m run
10 cossack squats
5 wall squats
2min couch stretch
2min dorsiflexion w/ barbell
2min banded glute activation
10 cossack squats
5 wall squats
Basic Strength
Back Squat (1x Max)
5min warm up
1×5 @60% 65kg
1×5 @70% 75kg
1×5+ @80% 5x85kg
1×15 @55% 57,5kg

Metcon (Time) 3rft
20 wall balls 30/20
20 hspu
20 pistols
20 pull ups
Heavy medball after holidays = not the best idea. Hspu not on the mat-with plates and ab mat, also not a good idea… Well, I hit the 15 min timecap but finished anyways.
After class
10×2 strict muscle ups

shoulder press
4×3 38,5kg

100 ghd sit ups

clean and jerk
1 c&j
1 sc&j
emom 10
10(weighted) push ups
first 4 rds with 5kg plate

6 rds 30 on/30sec off assault bike (51cal)


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