Tuesday WOD and skill work 20/12/16

sally up with thruster (empty barbell)

1 rnd gymnastic swim
1 min good morning hold (empty barbell)
1 min chinese abs (empty barbell)

Metcon “Marzipankartoffel”
in teams of 2
2 rounds
2min each station
1 works, 1 eats cookies 😉

I 10m farmers walk 2×32/24
II slam ball ground to shoulder 50/35
III 10m shuttle sprint
IV partner wall balls over the rig
V sandbag ground to shoulder
VI landmine press 30/20
VII partner pistols

backsquat 6×4 82kg

strict muscle ups 4-4-3-3-3-3

strict pull ups 10×5

strict press
2×5 30kg
2×5 35kg

100 sit ups

Monday Fun Week 19/12/16

My left arm got so much better, also my foot is almost healed. I am still not doing jumps on a box or double unders… Today is the last week before the Christmas break, This means lots of fun with partner wods. I felt quite good, so I decided to go for the bodyweight class, the partner wod and weightlifting afterwards… Hehe, it felt awesome!

Warm-up 4x
5 burpees
7 kb swings
9 hollow rocks

Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 5: kb push press

1 min rest

amrap 5: kb row

1 min rest

amrap 5: kb squats

Metcon amrap 20:
10 hspu
20 pistols
30 kb swings
15 hspu
30 pistols
45 kb swings
20 hspu
40 pistols
60 kb swings
25 hspu
50 pistols
75 kb swings
30 hspu
60 pistols
90 kb swings
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
“The Grinch”
in teams of 2, one works, one rests

amrap 40
100 kb squats 32/24
5x Cindy
100 swings 32/24
5x Cindy
100 s2o 50/35
5x Cindy
100 power clean 60/40
5x Cindy
100 power clean 60/40
5x Cindy
100 deadlift 70/50
5x Cindy

We finished the whole wod, started again and did 100 KB squats and three rounds of Cindy… Wohoo….!!!!

Friday 16/12/16

I had to hurry to the box right after work because I will go on a weekend trip tonight, Vienna here we come. I did the 12pm class but because of my foot and now my left arm as well, I had to modify the wod. It really pissed me off because it was a good one…

7sec Tempo Bench Press (1×3)
Metcon (No Measure)
e2mom 20
I. 20/15cal row + 3 muscle ups I just did the row and one strict muscle up (painful)
II. 20 burpees + 3 hspu (I used 2x20kg plates)
*hspu deficit if possible

Afterwards we played a little around. I did day three of 101 squat part (front squat 6×3 70kg)

amrap 30 you go-I go e3mom 1 kin plank

25 squats
10 cal assault
15 lunges (my partner did 30 DU)
20 sit ups

Thursday 13/12/16

I don’t know whats going on with my body. Last night my left left arm started to hurt and it still does… More the upper part, directions shoulders. I am scared to do explosive movements like kips on the rack. I can lift it and move it in all directions but it hurts. I am really upset about my body, I am almost on vacation, so why right now… 😦

Before class I did my 2nd 101 squat set
6×3 bsq with 82kg, I should have done 84kg but I am also allowed to go a bit lighter, so with my ankle, no lifters and working on my depth I decided to stay with the 82kg. It felt okay, not too light but also not too heavy.

Afterwards I just did bodyweight. The wod was sumo deadlift, ring push ups and strict pull ups/chin ups. They hurt to much with my left arm.

I did push ups, slow, also hspu were fine but still… 😦

10 sit ups
10 lunges
5 push ups
7 ring rows

Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 3:
amrap 3:
amrap 3:
amrap 3:
t2b (I did strict)

Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 15:
9 kb swings (20kg)
12 push ups
15 hspu

Wednesday 14/12/16

Still not 100%…, my ankle got better, I kinda walk “normal “now but I can not do all movements. Today I did squat snatches for the first time. I did not use a lot of weight because I am still in a little pain and it does hurt… 😦

During the weightlifting class I startes doing some split jerks but I used less less weight and just did a couple of them before I switched back to push jerk.

Warm-up 4x
20sec work, 10sec rest
plank to push up
handstand hold

3 snatch dl + 3 snatch pull + 3 power snatch + 3 ohs + 3 snatch balance + 3
3 snatch dl
3 snatch pull
3 power snatch
3 ohs
3 snatch balance
3 snatch
*start with empty barbell, increase weight as needed
*rest 1-2min between sets
32,5kg 😦

Metcon 4rft
25 ohs 20/15
15 t2b
5 wall walks
RX 10:02