2nd French Throwdown in the box

What a weekend…, two nights in Paris and five workouts later I am back in Berlin. It was a fun one, still I was struggling with two of the five events but I was already aware of it… We had some good placings (6th, 11th, 12th) and sone bad was well (32nd, 33rd) from 40 teams. At least one bad placing was my fault-30 synchronized power snatches for time was NOT my strengths. Well but I already knew it, at least I am sure I have never so many snatches in that short amount of time. I think around or even under 5 minutes… Sounds not very good but for me and my fear of snatches and my horrible technique when it comes to this movement, it is actually not too bad. I think I did most of them as muscle snatch… F***! 😉

We finished up 16th, a better placing than last year. I had my moments when I was wondering if this all makes sense for me and if I really wanna do this competing thing anymore. I am still thinking about it…

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