Another vacation wod CF Albufeira

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We went down south by car. And I did one more wod on the coast at CrossFit Albufeira. The town itself is not very nice, lots of tourists and cheesy souvenir shops, too many not so good looking restaurants and so many hotels and ugly buildings right next to the beach. Our little hotel was 5km away in a smaller place, that was a bit nicer and not so full with all this tourist shops and restaurants.

The box itself was pretty cool, behind the main road and a petrol station, not too big and too fancy, seemed like a real box. On our day there was more fun team workout than a serious wod, which was fine, it was Easter Saturday. We worked in teams of 5 and did different exercises as a team, 5 minutes per station, one minute rest in between. The class took a while, even we did not workout that hard, but they just took their time… ;D

Afterwards I tried their Rogue pegboard which was fun but also very tricky, I managed to go all the way up and down…, yeah.

Holidays in Portugal…

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Finally, spring break in Berlin. I was sooooooooo looking forward too escape from the city. We booked a flight to Lisbon and rented a car. In Lisbon I went to Bakery CrossFit, a cool box in the middle of the city in an old house.

One of the Icke members used to train there and is still good friends and workout partner with some of the coaches. The drop in was 15 Euro and I bought a nice shirt for another 10 Euro. There was no barbell involved in the wod I went to, it is always the same when I on vacation, mostly no barbells involved during a wod… πŸ˜‰ Instead we did benchmark Nicole, it was the first time for me:

20 min amrap
400m run
max rep pull ups

When I am on vacation I am not 100% into training, so I am normally a bit less competitive and more on the relaxed mode, so my score of 103 pull ups is okay, I guess…

CrossFit Kingston Canada

After the last wod in Toronto I felt a bit worried about my fitness level during my holidays. So I decided to do another wod right the next day. I dropped in @ CF Limestone in Kingston.
warm up
2 min row
inchworm push ups and a couple of other little warm up exercises
3 rds
10 slow goblet squats
10 v ups

2 rds with pvc pipe
10 pass throughs
10 around the world
10 zlots press

Find your 1 RM back squat & amrap @ 85%
I skipped this part because it makes no sense to 1rm during my vacation without lifters and a belt. I actually wanted to do my bsq program but I had my plan not there, so I just did 4×3 175 lbs with my new metcons 2. It felt not easy, oh man I hate that feeling during vacation…

wod for quality
4 rds
7 strict pull ups
7 strict hspu
7 ring dips
7 evil wheels

The 2nd time hspu…,well I would have prefered a barbell wod but it is also good to work on my gymnastic skills…
Overall the box was nice, the floor a bit dirty with dog hair everywhere and a bit dark. Some of the back squats I have seen were questionable, technique wise…

Open Wod & Drop in

Time for the last open wod 16.5… We left Berlin yesterday for a little vacation on the Baltic Stop. But our first stop in between was Hamburg. I asked at CrossFit Altona for a drop in to do the last open wod. They answered immediately with a yes and wrote me that they will do this a special box event on Friday anyways.

We stayed at a nice hotel close to the centre, did some sightseeing the night before, ate yummy food and had a good rest night. I was very curious about the wod but I did not look on my phone during the night, instead I waited until the next morning and watched the you tube announcement from the beginning. Unfortunately the wifi was not that good… Still I was patient and waited for Castro’s “speech”. And it happened:

“16.5 is 14.5”
I kinda felt okay with it, but I was a bit wondering about the wod. All the people were speculating about wods and movements and then it is “just” a repeat with simple (but horrible) thrusters and burpees over the bar…
The good thing, I did it a couple of weeks ago, so I knew what to expect, the bad thing – it will hurt…

We went to CF Altona after a goof coffee and a little snack. They did the wod in heats, CF Kids started, afterwards the scaled version and at the end the RX people. One of the head coaches judged me, gave me some good tipps and I started with 16.5… During the wod the other coach came as well to support and cheer on. Lol, I kinda hurried, it was a bit less space, there was a girl right behind me and we had to be careful not to bump into each other during the burpees. In the middle of the wod the coaches turned my bar which was helpful. So I probabaly lost a couple of seconds because of that and at the end of the wod I felt down doing my last thruster… WHAT THE F***!!! It costed me at least 5 seconds, damn it…

My time: 11:58 min


Find me… πŸ˜‰

Afterwards I talked a bit with the people, bought a box shirt and we headed up north. Rest days here I come…

6/2/16 Drop in @ CrossFit Kulmbach

I became a little restless and decided to go to a CrossFit box close by for a drop in.

There was a Saturday 10 am class and it was a 50 min drive there. My parents came with me to drop me off and do some shopping.

I was hoping for heavy barbell stuff and gymnastic but…, well it was outdoor and running. Nevertheless the box owner was super nice and the three girls I did the wod with were cool and friendly. I would never done it on my own and it was good to feel my body and did some exercise…


5 min run
5 min rest
3 min run
3 min rest
2 min run
2 min rest
1 min run (hard effort)
1 min rest

Kettlebell Swing (American Style) RX 16kg (I used 20kg)
Goblet Squat
Hill Sprint
5:31 min

Drop in @ Spree CrossFit

Back to training – Β finally! My box was still closed, so I decided to do a drop in at Spree CrossFit, a box close by. The weather was horrible that day but the box was cozy… I was a bit disappointed because it was “just” a bodyweight wod: Barbara – a benchmark wod:


It felt good to be back and train. The bar at the box was a bit annoying. My already not so good feeling hands felt so much worse after the wod. I got new blisters under my skin and they just won’t disapear…

My time was okay for the first wod after the break, around 35 min, including the rest times. The push ups were challenging after not training for 1 1/2 weeks.

Madrid Weekend II

We went to CrossFit Singular after a nice Starbucks Latte to do some pen gym work. Today we tried my friends program.

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e30sec for 7 min 1 clean and jerk
I used 55kg. I felt fine, we were not allowed to drop the bar because of the neighbors, this made it a little bit weird…

5 rounds 30 sec on/30 sec off
a) pull up
b) hang power clean (45kg)
c) v-ups

Afterwards I did a couple of (weighted) muscle ups and ring dips…

We left the box to get some food and found a sushi/Asian kind of restaurant, ate sth and went to the Invitational Venue.

The competition started at 4 pm. It was a nice 2 hour event, just a little expensive, about 50 Euro. Next to the wods there was nothing special, just an expensive Reebok stall with lots of people buying shirts from the event. I was a bit disappointed because I thought there would be a couple nice paleo stalls, CF shirts shops and some other sport brands… Well, but always impresssive to see the strong athletes competing, Froning is always un to watch…

Madrid 2015


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I arrived late Friday night. I met with two girls I used to train with in Shanghai to spend a weekend in Madrid, train together and watch the CF Invitationals 2015.

We went to CrossFit Singular after our breakfast (which was kinda bad…) They were prepared for a lot of drop ins on that day and had special classes for free. The workout was nothing great but it is hard to workout with so many people at the same time, so I really appreciated their offer to let us train for free. The box is huuuuuuuuge and good reachable via the metro.

WOD 3 rounds for reps
1 min T2B
1 min rest
1 min row for cal
1 min rest
1 min burpees
1 min rest
1 min push press (I used 2x10kg dumbells)
1 min rest