REDO 14.4

Okay, this was the worst workout ever, seriously… After doing it again, I just can say horrible… This workout was not made for me, too many of my weaknesses included: rowing, cleans and muscle ups. My toes to bar are okay but I am not good in kipping them, so it takes me more time and effort to get them done… The cleans almost killed me, I was reviewing my video and also realized, my technique is a mess, i kinda muscled up two, rounded my back most of the time and had so much trouble going back to this 95 lbs bar. The people kinda shouted at me during the last minutes and I was making weird sounds and mumbling sentences like “Can I just stop?”, “I wanna stop.” … Haha, we had a lot of fun afterwards, reviewing my words and sentences. So I satrted the cleans to late what made me think I am not finishing them in time but somehow I made it, 13:47ish I was done, did not even think about a muscle up try. No way…. Oh man, getting them done is a must goal for me!!!!!!