WOD and 15.3 CHECK 13/3/15

We were thinking about the next WOD and collecting ideas about what’s coming up… After Dave Castro uploaded a pic on instagram with pistols and a jump rope we thought about about a chipper, using pistols and double unders…

He gave another hint, playing pool and speaking about engine… So, but what happened, no pistols at all, instead muscle ups, wall balls and double unders:

amrap 14
7 muscle ups
50 wall balls
100 double unders

Well I was both: excited and scared because the workout actually starts with muscle ups, so you have to get through them to move on to the next workout. I had an early work finish on Friday, so I went to the box earlier, before my CrossFit Kids class and just did it… I finished two rounds, I took my time during the muscle ups which slowed me down. I just did one by one, using the false grip. After the 2nd round I still had 14 sec time to do one more muscle up. I was so tired, I did not get it. Damn it, I should have waited 5 more seconds before going up… So my total score was 317.

Strict Press
I started a new trainings cycle. I wanna do one extra session per week.
36kgx4 for four times

EMOM 10 strict pull ups
4-5 pull ups per minute. I did 45 in total

10 swings
7 scapula pull ups
4 push ups

5 snatch deadlift
5 snatch high pull
5 ohs
5 snatch balance
5 snatch

Snatch (1×1)
take 20min to find 1RM
*choose between power snatch and squat snatch
*start light and focus on form and speed
*take 5-7 sets to warm up
I finished with a 45kg power clean, not the best technique

Metcon (No Measure)
e4mom 20
300m run
10 burpees
1 snatch
1 ohs
*increase weight every set, work up to 80% of 1RM snatch
I did 3×35, 2×37.5, 1x40kg