Double WOD

I decided to visit the box twice, I know a bit crazy but it was the last chance to come to the Fun Friday but I didnt want to skipy regular class at 1:30.

The regular workout was fun, even I am still bad at rowing, my technique sucks, so I still need kind of long… The Fun Friday wasn’t very fun this time, really really really exhausting and sooooooo hot. The people who were there felt really tired afterwards. Crazy AMRAP…..

Btw: we were team nr 1- RX, yeah….

FunFriday 27:7:13

Fun Friday 22/3/13

Teams of 4 – 2 work, 2 rest
AMRAP 5s – 1 minute rest between stations

We divided our time by four, so everybody had about 1:10 min per exercise, Push ups, Burpees, Weighted Sit Ups and DU we counted to 10 and changed then
Row for Calories
Kettlebell Swings 24/16

Burpee Box Jumps
Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls (total 50)

Rope Climb 1=10 reps (2 times)
Power Clean 40/25 (20)

Mountain Climbers (130)
Toes-to-Bar (20)

2 KB Snatch 16/8
Double Unders (total 53)

Wall Balls 9/6
weighted Sit Ups 15/10 (total 50)

Pull Ups
Goblet Squats (total 50)

Push Ups
Russian Twist (total 100)

Double Unders (35 in a row, 27 in a row)
Burpees (20)

Fun Friday- 30 DU in a row+1st rope climb 21/2/13

After my rest day on Thirsday I felt quite unbalanced, so I was happy going back to my Friday workout routine which was special anyway. I brought my American friend with me, she has never done CrossFit before (as American!!!) and we did the Fun Friday together… It was an easy workout, perfect for starters to learn the most important movements… I was impressed by mayself, doing around 30 Double Unders in a row, withut a break, afterwards I couldn’t do even do more than 4  in a row, weir weird weird… I also climbed up the robe for the first time (we just got them), great, never done it before so easily, just using my leg strength. 🙂 Happy Ari

– Deadlift Ladder: start weight 45 kg
– after each time:
– 5 Toes 2 Bar
– 15 Burpees
– 50 Double Unders

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Friday WOD & Open Gym and Fun Day 1/2/13

okay, I have to admit it seems a little crazy and maybe little overtrained but when I went to the doc and he fixed my arm, he told me I do need a lot of movement and sport because he took out 80% of the blockade. So I said “Ok” with a happy face and went to the WOD at 1:30 pm. It was cardio and arm training, awesome:

Warm Up:
Teams of 2
– 100 SU

10 push ups
10 ring rows

– 5 straight legs to bar
– 5 ring dips



Afterwards I went home to get some rest and later met a friend to do some techniques with her. So we practiced Cleans and Back Squats. I already felt my muscles from the day before. Because I was already there I stayed for the Fun Fiday which was kind of crazy but I got it. We had to chose as a team of four 3 out of 5 workouts. For each one we had 15 minutes to finish them. Each team member hast to complete the workout… A little crazy but actually fun! We decided to do
– Helen light
– Anni

So again a lot of cardio and running.

Fun Friday-Moving Weights 25/1/13

Nice Workout, I did a little bit open gym before, working on my strict pull ups (did negative pull ups 3×3 and regular ones, about 2-still difficult to start with straighten arms… :/ ). We had to move all the weights in teams from the one side of the box to the other side in two teams for six times. For every weight you wanted to carry you had to do a special exercise like for a 8k KB 8 pull ups, for a 5 kg plate 5 Burpees etc. It took about our team about 15 minutes than it was done, so actually a Fun Friday-didnt feel exhausted afterwards… 🙂

Fun Friday 11/1/13, plus my first Kipping Pull Ups

427726_514391165250911_248178806_nTeams of 5 for time

Run 400 m (all together)
250 Push Ups
250 Kettlebell Swings (16kg)

Run 400 m
250 Pull Ups (1 Pull Up =3 Ring Rows)
250 Lunges

Run 400 m
250 weighted Sit Ups (10kg)

Two team members can work at the same time but only do 10 reps (in total everyone supposed to do 50)

Nice idea but in comparing to last Fun Friday only half of the fun because only two could work while the others had to wait, so the breaks between the exercises were too long, so I dint feel very exhausted afterwards… (good that I went to Bodycombat before 😉 )

But there happened one really good thing: I did my first Kipping Pull Ups ( because I didn’t want to do just Ring Rows and it is to hard for me to do more than 5 Pull Ups in a row and it is very slow… So I just tried to be faster and did some funny movings and…., there they were my first Kipping Pull Ups…. I was really really really happy about them… 😀

Push Ups and Kettlebell Swings217888_514390521917642_1947140882_n