I had a day off because there were a lot of kids home, celebrating a muslime festival. It was great, I could do the 12pm class and train afterwards… 🙂

15m wheelbarrow
10 partner wall balls
5 partner push ups

1min plank
30sec side plank each side

Icke´s Coordination Movements
Metcon (No Measure)
e2:30mom 15
I. wall reach (advanced – one leg)
II. flying cards (try to catch poker cards, someone is throwing down from a box)

Metcon (Time)
in teams of 2
one works, one rests

for time
3k/2k row
100 pull ups
100 partner wall balls
100 sit ups
100 medball oh lunges
RX 21:…

Afterwards I practiced for the qualifying wods for the German Throwdown…