CrossFit Rowing Certification

I registered for the CrossFit Rowing Trainer calss acouple of weeks ago. The seminar was held by Erin Cafaro, a former olympic rowing medal holder from the US at myleo. It was quite funny because three weeks ago she held the seminar at Reebok CrossFit MeWellness, my old box in Shanghai… So I was talking a bit about CrossFit there. The class was interesting, we spend the day on the rower, talking and practicing technique, she compared it with weightlifting: legs, hips, arms. They filmed some of us during a rwoing wod and discussed afterwards our movements and what to fix. I learned a couple of new things and tried to use them. It was really helpful to see people on the screen and try to fix their rowing.Me for myself learned not to pause at the end before “recovery” and also to open my hips more, trying to avoid pulling so hard with my arms. We spoke about programming and did two wods, even it was my rest day. :O

4x (on 6,8,2,4dumper settings)
3 min rowing
1 min rest
30 sec rowing (hard effort)

WOD 2 partner WOD
3000 m row (one rows 500m than switch)
150 ball slams
150 push ups




WOD 10/3/14

Exhausting but good. I did not repeat the open wod. I am sure it would not upgrade my score. My upper body was still tired and as long as I am not able to do buterrfly pull ups I wont increase my number. But I was watching and cheering people tonight doing 14.2 (again), it was hard for them. I was happy with the regular WOD today and I did use RX weight… 🙂