Myleo WOD 3/7/14

One of the first boxes in Berlin, kinda far away from where I live and what I heard so far – to fancy and hip. There was a time they had no space left for more people, even it is the most expensive box. I cycled to my morning wod which took around 35 min, 8 sth km is really not close… :/ I was impressed by the place, a huge hall, wide open with dark colors, a blackboard as white board, clean, good equipment and a nice relaxed athmosphere. The coach, a strong and cool woman talked about her training and I told her about my experience at the regionals. The people were totally mixed up, what I liked, the last part of the wod was a partner wod. I did it wirh a really friendly and strong woman. It was exactly what I needed. After my trial I am thinking about joining myleo. I really felt challenged there, they even have a gymnastic class, weightlifting and sprint wods (I ve to work on my running skills). But the distance scares me a bit because I normally train six times a week and cycling will take more than an hour per visit… Mmh…