The Day before the Open WOD 28/2/14

So our couch kinda forced me to register for the open, he sent a pic to our “CrossFit Open We chat” with “delete the membership” button. So I finally did it because I wanna be a teamplayer. Uah, I take this stuff zo serious… Damn it!
I also finished my judge course online to judge people at the box and perhaps volunteer at the Asian regionals in May.
At the box I tried to keep it slower because I knew I ll do the open wod the next day, so I worked on my Double Unders and did the WOD with slower paste. Afterwards I recorded my friend doing his 14.1, awesome 306 reps. Then I webt to WHS abd bought supplements to suport my training abd for recovery. I am really interested if they make a difference, never done it before…

1 max rep front squat: 155 lbs
500 m row 1:56 or 1:54

3 rft
25 push ups
15 T2B