3min row
3min 10 lunges 8 swings 6 hollow rock

5 deadlifts
5 clean high pull
5 power clean
5 front squats
5 split jerk

Metcon (Weight) emom 40
I. 14 sit ups
II. 12 burpees
III. 4 deadlift
3 power clean
2 front squat
1 split jerk
IV. rest
*you can in- or decrease your weight on every set
*do not drop the bar during the complex
started 35kg, finished 52.5kg

14.1 I did it…

Oh man, what a WOD… I was to nervous and messed up my 1st round of the DU which costs lot if time and also mental stress… My DU were not smooth at all which upsets me!!!! As soon as the clock is ticking I screw them up… 😦
So I did 258 reps in total which is ok. I think I could have done better. Haha, after uploading my numbers I was on 4th place women overall Asia because all the strong athletes haven’t uploaded their results yet for the surprising moment at the end. Well, dunno if I should repeat it, I woukd oribably still struggle with my DU, another area to work on!







The Day before the Open WOD 28/2/14

So our couch kinda forced me to register for the open, he sent a pic to our “CrossFit Open We chat” with “delete the membership” button. So I finally did it because I wanna be a teamplayer. Uah, I take this stuff zo serious… Damn it!
I also finished my judge course online to judge people at the box and perhaps volunteer at the Asian regionals in May.
At the box I tried to keep it slower because I knew I ll do the open wod the next day, so I worked on my Double Unders and did the WOD with slower paste. Afterwards I recorded my friend doing his 14.1, awesome 306 reps. Then I webt to WHS abd bought supplements to suport my training abd for recovery. I am really interested if they make a difference, never done it before…

1 max rep front squat: 155 lbs
500 m row 1:56 or 1:54

3 rft
25 push ups
15 T2B