I taught the CF kids and had about 50 min before the class started. I did my 5 rep max strict press before the class because I wanted to do a wod and it would have cost me strengths.

5 max strict press 42kg, perhaps 1-2 kg more would be possible – NEW PR

30-20-10 (35kg)
power clean
hang squat clean
push press
oh walking lunges

It took me a little more than 30 min…, I tried to work consistently but I did not as hurt as I would do during a class wod. It it har to push myself when you have nobody next to you… On the other hand sometimes it is also good to stick with your paste… 😉

During th class I did 5×2 strict mu and some KB/DB push press

WOD amrap 10 (16kh), no messure
10 push ups on KBs
15 KB double goblet squat
20 KB double deadlift

WOD 24/9/14

Test Week
20sec sit ups
10 sec rest
20sec scapula push ups
10 sec rest
20sec squats
10sec rest
5 ohs
5 sots press

Basic Strength
Shoulder Press (find 5RM in 20min)
35kg- not easy but I made it 🙂
*finish with max reps @80% of new 5RM 13 reps x 27,5kg
*keep perfect form

e30sec for 12min
I. 2 tempo ring push ups
II. 6 push up to elbow
I started with 6 push ups to elbow, went down to 4 plus 2 on my knees and the last sets I did 3/3, I finished with 6 regular ones

for time
18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3
overhead squat 45/30
pull ups
RX 10:06 min