Thursday WOD+Bodyweight

30 swings
100 su
30 swings

Barbell cycling power snatch 3x
3 power snatch 1 stop
3 power snatch no stop

Power Snatch (8×5)
emom 8
5 power snatch
*choose one weight and stick to it
2min rest
emom 8
5 power snatch
*adjust weight if needed
*all sets must be touch and go

Metcon (No Measure) 3x
amrap 3
9 thruster 45/30
9 burpees otb
rest 2min

Warm-up 2x
60 su
5 push ups
7 sit ups
9 squats
11 hollow rocks
10sec handstand hold
10 superman

Metcon (No Measure) 5x
30-60 sec active handstand hold
20 hollow rocks
*work for quality

Metcon for time:
100 du
90 sit ups
80 air squats
70 pull ups
60 lunges
50 burpees
14.41 (?)

Sunday 1st May

New month, new qualifying wod… Today I did the next one for the French Throwdown.

Buy in 100 Double Unders
20 wall balls
7 rung muscle ups
Buy out 100 Double Unders
Timecap 12 minutes

Me and my muscle ups… Well, I finished within the timecap: 11:40 min but it was really exhausting, my muscle ups were more strict than kipping , my shoulders hurt from all the DU and wall balls…. uiuiuiui

Afterwards we did more a fun wod than a hard workout

20 rounds
5 benchpress (50kg, RX would have been bodyweight)
5 power clean (50kg, RX would have been bodyweight as well)

From set 3 on I cycled all cleans and worked on my technique and it felt good…. We did the benching in the sun and had a lot of fun… Happy Sunday!