Welcome to Portland/Oregon

This became one of my fav cities – I def. would move here: a nice city,with lots of cool options. Everything easy reachable by bike, lots of healthy shops, great coffee and an awesome nature around it… 

There are a couple of CF boxes in town. We decided to go to CF Stumptown, they were close to our (shabby) motel and had a Sumday morning wod. Drop in fee was 20$ incl a shirt, not a bad deal- unfortunately they had only big sizes for girls because the reginals were in Portland and lots of people droppid in. Well, now I have a new night shirt…

I checked the websit before, they post the wods every day and I already saw that Sunday is benchmark day, which is nice. At night I was thinking about wods I don’t wanna do, and Cindy came into my mind. Because it is a bodyweight wod which I don’t like dueing vacations because I can do them without a box. I prefer doing sth with barbells because I am travelling and we don’t have so many options to workout. On the other hand Cindy is a workout you have to push all the time because sou don’t need to rest. And doing that during vacation, well…, it sucks!

Well guess what happened? 😦 CINDY it was…

So I pushed like crazy…., and I PR’d… 23 rounds plus13 reps… Kinda good for vacation. I had good transitions, the pull up bar was good, not too high and I did push ups and aur squats right beneath the bar… 

Murh Murph Murph…

What a coincident we did Murph today during bodyweight class, 30 degrees by the way… It is Memorial in the US, CF boxes in the States mostly do this wod on that day. So I am not sure if it was planned or not.

I was thinking about going slower than usual because I was also signed in for the regular class and weightlifting (my usual triple Monday)… Well, did not work that well. I actually did not go too hard during the run and I slowed down the squats a bit. My push ups were kinda slow, also my pull ups should have gone better. Well I worked around 85-90 % most of the time. It took me 42:52 minutes. I still wanna have a under 40 minutes time one day, it is possible with rest and a little bit less heat and rest beforehand.

Afterwards I did the regular class but I slowed down and canceled weightlifting…

Basic Strength
Metcon (No Measure)
amrap 10
8 supinated bent over row (25)
8 upright row (25)
8 strict pull ups
1min rest

2min rest

amrap 10
8 paused back squat (50)
8 dead stop jumping lunges
8 air squats
1min rest

2min rest

amrap 10
8 hspu (well, this did not work very well after 200 push ups, I only did 3-4)
8 db push press (2x12kg)
8 lateral plate raises (2×2.5)
1min rest

Buy Out
Metcon (No Measure)
10 alfredson calve raises lvl 2
5 nordic hamstrings

Holidays in Portugal…

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Finally, spring break in Berlin. I was sooooooooo looking forward too escape from the city. We booked a flight to Lisbon and rented a car. In Lisbon I went to Bakery CrossFit, a cool box in the middle of the city in an old house.


One of the Icke members used to train there and is still good friends and workout partner with some of the coaches. The drop in was 15 Euro and I bought a nice shirt for another 10 Euro. There was no barbell involved in the wod I went to, it is always the same when I on vacation, mostly no barbells involved during a wod… 😉 Instead we did benchmark Nicole, it was the first time for me:

20 min amrap
400m run
max rep pull ups

When I am on vacation I am not 100% into training, so I am normally a bit less competitive and more on the relaxed mode, so my score of 103 pull ups is okay, I guess…

Sunday Hero Wod

Well I accidentally scaled because the box wrote lighter weights for women on the board than the hero workout actually has: 42.5 kg (they wrote 40kg) instead of 105 lbs. But because of the run it was challenging anyways, the C&J did feel light, I still could not really cycle them in big sets because I was out of breath from the running… 😉

Run 1 mile
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 800 meters
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 1 Mile

At least our running distance was a bit too long… 😉

Afterwards I had a good breakfast and went to the box to do some more little stuff at the box

amrap 5 strict muscle ups (I got 21 or 22)
handstand walk


5 burpees
10 hollow rocks
10 bulgarian split squats
5min double under work NOPE (foot stabilization)

Mobility 2x
1min each
split stretch
pidgeon position each side
Basic Strength
Front Squat (10×2)
*increase weight as needed

150 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#
RX 6:22
Still in too little steps (20,15, 10 or 5s)

Spartan Games Neu Isenburg

We artived in Neu Isenburg by car Friday Night. It was a 5 hour drive there. We bought some food for a bbq and drove to the box. Spartan Games us a teo day competition at a CF box. This year it was for teams of 5, three guys,two girls. You don’t have to qualify, you just can ask for participating. Our box came with three teams. It was more of a fun weekend than a serious competition. We slept in the box, got awesome food there and the owner was really cool and helpful. Even it was more fun right before my vacation I got soooooooooo sore…. I think it was because of the 300 10kg vest air squats I had to do. I kinda did them unbroken, just a couple f seconds after hitting 200. We did 7 wods in total, one was Ryan which I did for the team: 

5 rds for time: 7 muscle ups,21 burpees – ui

It was exhausting but also fun. I was the only girl who did Ryan and got a lot of compliments afterwards. Hehe! 

I also had to do the wod called”einsamer Spartaner” amrap 6 3dl,2hsc,1push jerk (50kg), I was okay but could have done it a bit faster… It is so hard to pace myself during barbell wods- def an area to work on…

We came back to Berlin Sunday to Monday around 1am. Fun weekend but now it is time to take a break from competitions and go back to regular training and working on my weaknesses-after my holidays 🙂

Tuesday 19/7/16

2min row
2min banded glute activation
2min plank
2min partner split stretch

5 burpees
10 squats

5min crab football

Diane (Time)
Deadlifts, 70kg
Handstand Push-ups
4:43 RX

Metcon (No Measure)
finisher 3x
3 nordic hamstrings
10 good morning
20sec hanging L-sit
40sec dead hang

Wednesday 6/7/16

Today I started doing some strict pull ups but more focused on my muscle ups. I still do not like stringing them together. It is not easy for me because of my technique problems, my kip is too low, I don’t like the transision between the reps, I still do it more with strengths than anything else. It tis annoying, I am not getting better at them. Always work on your weaknesses -blablabla- to much weaknesses, so I am gonna lose the fun part of CrossFit…

I worked on my handstand walk and did some heavyish overhead squats:
3 or 4 times 50

We did the class wod as synchronized wod – JT and then practiced barbell cycling

600m run
20 plank to push up

30sec work, 30sec rest
pike lift variations
I. both legs
II. both legs split
III. left leg rotation
IV. right leg rotation

Bench Press (3×3)
7min to warm up
3×3 60 kg – but I messed up the last rep… :/
*increase weight 1-5kg

Metcon J.T. 25 min time
Handstand Push-ups
Ring Dips
in the remaining time do
B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
amrap remaining time
5m plate push 20/15
10 plate g2o 20/15

As I said We only did part A and then switched to the small room

everyone does 15 reps:

30 c&j 35 kg (5 in a row
30 c&j 45 kg (3 in a row)
30 c&j 55kg (singles)

Thursday “Grace” 15/6/16

Today I went to the class at 8, I had a doctor’s appointment before. It felt kinda late and I got really hungry right before the class started. And then there was “Grace”, uff… I have never done it RX, so it was about time. Still, I was really nervous about it. The lifting part already felt heavy today, I was stuck with 60kg, I was sweaty, hungry and felt a bit weak. SO I was really struggling doing Grace today. But then I tried the weight and thought “Let’s give it a try…!” Well, I finished 2:38 which is alright for the first time ever RX but my form was bad. That is the big problem – when it comes to barbell c<cling during wod, my technique becomes even worse…, jajaja.

Warm-up 3x
30 jumping jacks
10 swings
10 push ups

3 clean deadlift
3 clean high pull
3 muscle clean
3 power clean
3 clean
3 split jerk

e1:30mom 12
1 hang clean + 2 clean + 3 split jerk
*increase weight as needed
last 2 sets I tried 60…, well, it was bad today…

Grace (Time)
For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks, 135# / 95#
RX 2:38

Tuesday 3/5/16

So, time for the next one… Today it was time to do the CrossFit Total for the French Throwdown: Take 15 min to find your 1 RM back squat, deadlift and strict press.

I started my back squat with 100kg, went up to 106kg and it felt okay. I can def squat more, I am just so scared of the numbers, the weight feels so heavy on my back. Haha, so one kg PR. 😉
My strict press was 47kg, felt easy but it is always so hard doing the strict press, because you only have few reps and one or two kilo are not that big of a difference within the CrossFit Total. Last but not least deadlift, I started with 105 or 110 and went up to 125kg…. YEAH, 5 kg PR, it was heavy but it felt good… 🙂

So excited to be over the qualifying wods. Now we have to wait and see if it will be enough for our team….

Warm-up 2x
50 single under
5 push ups
5 ring rows
2x 10 side to side hang & 10 scapula push ups

coordination drill
2min catch reaction

Bench Press (7×7)
5min to warm up
then 7×7
*rest exactly 1min between sets
*add 1-5kg to last week
I had to do 50kg today and did not make it through all sets with 7 reps
2×5 (I think)

Metcon amrap 9
3 pistols
3 t2b
6 pistols
6 t2b…
I finished 24 pistols RX