Last WODS at Reebok CrossFit MeWellness 28/6/14

As soon as the wods were over I got a bit sad because it was done…, weird feeling. In the last couple of months I got so used to the box, the people, the workouts. It was a community, a challenge and so many new experiences. How could I aver thought of making it to the Asian regionals. And now it was time to say goodbye. The only good thing was the good bye dinner in the evening which one of my crossfitters organized for me, so at least I did not have to say food bye right after the wod. Instead we got drunk at night which it made easier to say “zài jiàn”.

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24/6/14 Bootcamp and 1 rep max Deadlift

Bootcamp 20 min amrap
200 m run
20 KB swing (20kg)
10 push ups

Awesome Double Wod

I finished quite good in bootcamp, did the most reps, most were far behind and used less weights… I dont know  about where the other six rounds come from… I am wondering….


10 min to find heavy hang clean-front squat-jerk: 115 lbs. I did a 120.5 hang clean and squat but messed up the jerk because I did not get under that bar… grrrrrr

Amrap 20
– 5 bar muscle ups/scale version: 5 pull ups, I did chest to bar but then my finger was bleeding, so I did regular chin over bar 4 the last 5…
– 10 front squats (95)
– 20 push ups
– 200 m run




Tuesday Double WOD 11/6/14

I can not believe there are only a couple of training sessions left before I leave Shanghai and Reebok CrossFit MeWellness… Because of certification classes and one year anniversary the box will be closed a couple of days (I do not like that!), so after today’s training only 11 more days there… Tuesday’s workouts were all about endurance, I am glad I stayed for both classes. Lol, finished first both times. Lol,  probably my close competitors weren’t there 😉

My snatch still sucks, this is next to jerk the most difficult weightlifting exercise for me… I also feel a bit unhappy about not working on my weaknesses right now. My gymnastics skills are a big area to improve…

Bootcamp 4 RFT
30 thrusters (35lbs)
40 (20/20)mountain climbers
10 russian twist (10/10) 20 lbs
400 m run


Bootcamp and CrossFit Saturday

This morning I did the warm up and mobility for the bootcamp class, I was a bit nervous because of language and doing the proper excercises… After 809 m run the people libed up and I gave them some walking tasks to do:
knees high
duck walk
bear crawl
fast feet and run
inchworm push ups

Tabata Hollow position


I felt like at the beginning of teaching at school, mire focusing on the movements than actually helping and correcting people, also with my non native English language it was a bit tricky but of course I liked it

Amrap 20
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
200 m run

I did pretty well, finished a good amount of rounds, just one girl was a bit faster but she is a runner and did ring rows instead of pull ups.

Wod 1
I tried strict HSPU but really felt heavy and awkward today

Wod 2
Did ring dips, still feel exhausted doing them

Wod 3
This felt good and pretty easy, I was really fast on it



Well, it was a 9:00 to 1:30 training day today… Started with bootcamp, worked on hang snatch,did the CrossFit wod and finished practicing HSW and doing some strict handstand push ups…

I m still not sure using 85 lbs for the snatch… I m not getting it every time. 😦

My technique is still not so good, I m scared getting under the bar and the speed is missing.

Bootcamp partner wod
wall balls
burpee over partner’s plank
200 m med ball run

CrossFit RX weight 65 lbs
1000 m row
30 front squats
800 m
30 clean
600 m
30 deadlift

Thursday work, CrossFit and Bootcamp

After coming back from Beijing I went to the box to work on my snatch and do the wods afterwards

Ari practise
500m row as warm up
Snatch practise
I did power snatch using 85 lbs, I added weight and did O think 91 but it was stupid and not a good one. I ll be so screwed if I have to do heavy snatches at the regionals 😦
Full snatch still bad
3/4 muscle ups

I forgot to take pics yesterday 😦
200 m walking lunges
70 jumping squats
60 push press,45 lbs
50 ball throws from chest, lying on the back,20lbs
40 v ups
30 russian twist, 20 lbs
15 mountain climbers
10 strict burpees
1200 m run
I finished first but there were lots if newbies 😉 My time was around 22 min or so

400 m run
2 rounds
15 kbs
15 sit ups
10 push ups
10 banded good mornings

After my warm up sets I did 3 sets of 2 touch and go power cleans
I did three sets of 115

Jerk from rack 2 reps
I went up to 116 lbs

Amrap 15
200 m run
15 wall balls
I was second, right behind a good friend. I did not go 100% because I felt tired after all the wods 😉

Saturday 20/4/14

I came early to work on my deadlift. After a warm up row and some mobility I did 5 sets of 5 170 lbs deadlift (80% of a rep max). Then I did bootcamp and CrossFit. I felt good afterwards, CrossFit wod was really intense. It was a partner wod which was fun. I did use rx weight for the shoulder to overhead but I was struggling with the weight after all the things I have done before. SO my coach and partner did one more rowing round and def more shoulders to overhead.

Bootcamp Amrap 20 min
20 Burpees
40 ?
60 push ups
80 lateral jumps
100 mountain climbers (fast,sprint)