Friday 19/4/14

I finally went to a chiropractic in the morning, after bootcamp at 6am(!!!!). He looked at my body, did some testings and said no above the head lifting for 2 days. At least I did not do anything above the head on this day. So I did not practice muscle ups, handstand push ups and snatch which I really have to focus on, I also changed the CrossFit wod on that day. For weightlifting I worked on back squat. During class we did close benchpress.

Morning Bootcamp
3 sets for time
rest 2 minutes in between

Ari Workout
warm up
600m row
2 rounds
5 burpees
10 push ups
15 KB forward lunges

backs squat
5 sets of 5 (80% of 1 rep max)

10 pistols (right/left)
3×10 ring dips

Training 17/4/14

I was looking for training plans. My coach also sent me pne as an idea. I did my iwn training first, bootcamp and crossfit afterwards. It felt good

Ari Training
Warm up
1000 m row
2 rounds
5 kipping pu
10 push ups
15 squats
Mobility with pvc pipe

Deadlift-building up to one rep max
I did sets of 5,3,1
1 rep max: 215lbs RX

2 MU
Handstand push ups (3×4)
Pistols (3×10)
free handstand practice

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Double Tuesday-PAIN 9/4/14

I did one muscle before class… 🙂

When I first saw the bootcamp workout I was kinda hoping it would be a partner one. NOPE. It supposed to be 5 rounds but our coaches realized that it was kinda too hard and too long if you use proper weights. I finished 4 rounds, using a 35 pound bar for the lunges and sit up presses. So I did in total 200 sit up presses if I did not get confused. They were really exhausting: lay on the floor do a barbell press and then with straight arms a sit up… :/ I was really sweating…
CrossFit felt almost easy afterwards… 😉 I repeated my 120 pound power clean for one rep max which felt not easy at all, my technique…. :/

Today I am sore




Monday Holiday Wods

I had a day off, classes started around lunchtime, first bootcamp, then CrossFit and I also used open gym time to work on my weaknesses. Yeah, I did 2 kipping muscle ups, practiced handstand/walk/push ups, did some pull ups and dips, couple of sit ups.

Bootcamp was kinda (too) easy going, it was a partner wod. My partner, she was really nice but not as strong and fast, so I had long rest times and we did not finish. It was rds
CrossFit was fine. I did 100lbs one close grip benchpress and 165 lbs front squat. Running was not that good but I am not a sprinter and really dont like sprints… :/



WODs 1/4/14

Technique and WOD 27/3/14

Bootcamp and CrossFit WODs were quite similar, so I decided to skip Bootcamp class and work on my clean technique. Afterwards I did CrossFit class

Warm up
Rowing for calories (60)
uneven 15 squats, rest parallel
even 10 push ups, rest in plank

I worked on my hang clean. I felt quite good, tried to see my arms as strings, using the shoulder shrug, my legs my body more. It feels so much easier if you do it right, I did 95 lbs as hang clean.
I went up to 105 lbs for the power clean. As soon as I start from the floor I kinda lose my good technique and fall back in old patterns

Warm up
800 m run
2 rounds
10 inchworm push ups
10 KB swings (16kg)

Skill training
-working on handstand/HSPU/handstand walk
– I feel more comfortable now trying a free handstand and was kinda straight a couple of times, just have to work on my balance.

400 m run
21 KB swings (16kg)
12 pull ups
10 burpees
5 HSPU (used kipping and ab-mat)

I finished 4 four rounds and started my fifth. I feel my running is too slow…

Bootcamp WOD 20/3/14

I took the wrong picture of today’s workout, so I try to remember. It was a long exhausting workout, that is the reason why I did not do CrossFit afterwards. I try to remember all exercises but I am a bit confused… :/

Warm Up
– Run
– Song “Sally up and down” with push ups

200 single unders
40 dumbbell snatches (20/20; 30lbs)
30 get ups from ground
about 1600 m run

Bootcamp WOD 22/3/14

Because I did 14.4 the day before I decided to go to bootcamp instead of CrossFit. It was a bit annoying, way too many people were there, of course it is nice to train Saturday morning but it was just too crowded. They split up in groups so we started with different movements, still weird. I did 5 or 6 rounds, was quite fast, fighting with the guys and using 20kg KB…

Afterwards I stayed longer to watch and judge people, did some little working on MU  drills. I am still scared going to the rings and messing it up, I just don like the failing all the time, the same with bar muscle ups, I just done get it…. Normally it is okay for me to work on my weaknesses but MU I just try to avoid, I know that is stupid…


Double WOD 18/3/14

After a rest day on Monday I was happy to be back. I am a bit concerned about my left shoulder and arm because the pain got worse the last days, after all the open workouts and practicing… I worked on MU again, the same problem, came up and couldn’t finish the dip. I also practiced strict MU. I still don’t get the muscle up on the bar. I just can’t come up that high. My coach told me about not stopping pulling, mmh, whatever this means.
During the bootcamp I was first and finished most reps and the 400 m run on time. The 25 min timecap was just too short to finish the whole workout.

For the Muscle Up Emom 10 I worked on strict ring dips, just three per minute but my arms were tired.

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